Girl Child Education.

India being a continuously developing nation with everything at its best but still, even though we’ve entered the 21st century we still instil the mentality of the early medieval period, the rate of education of girls is still very low, and that is way too depressing in this modern era of talented and educated professionals in all fields.  To make some encouraging and noticeable changes, women’s education in India has been to be given a lot of priority as men.

As an intellectual said – “by educating a man, we educate only one person, but if we educate a woman then we educate the whole family”, this shows the importance of educating a girl child. It is true that a woman is the first teacher of her children and she gets her first lesson in her mother’s lap and transfers the learning to other people she meets throughout her life journey. So if a mother is well-educated then she can play an important role in shaping the future of her children as well as the other family members.

If we observe carefully, then we will find that a knowledgeable, educated, and intelligent woman not only serves her family but also serves her country. She can serve her country as a teacher, a scientist, a nurse, a doctor, an administrator, a soldier, a police employee, a reporter, an athlete, and any profession that counts. An educated wife can reduce the burden of her husband’s or her father’s life by sharing a job or sharing her thoughts about jobs. An educated housewife and daughter can educate her children and family about their rights and moral values. She can also be their guide and help them find out the difference between good and bad things.

Girls are cherishing their rights and honours in society and are working hard for it. Girls have the capability and strength to lead their country in every field of success. We all must have seen the great Mars Mission of India, it had around 20 women in the team which is indeed a great example of women empowerment and empowerment result only after getting a proper education. We find women in every field whether it be the army or the corporate world, women are excelling and helping in the growth of the country as equal as men are.

Once Napoleon said – “The progress of a nation is impossible without trained and educated mothers and if half of the people of my country are not educated, then half of them will remain illiterate.” In this way, we should create an environment in which no woman is illiterate. Just like other factors, the development and growth of any country depend on the education of girls as well; therefore, the education of girls should be cherished and encouraged instead of discarding it.

In this struggling era of economic crisis education of girls is a boon. It is really difficult to meet the requirements of a middle-class family in today’s time. If an educated girl works before/after the marriage, she can help her parents/husband to fulfil her family’s expenses. She can alone handle the financial condition of the family if the condition worsens. Education helps every girl become financially independent so that she can recognize the rights and empowerment of women, and create her own identity in society and hence help in the fight against gender inequality.

A girl plays three significant roles throughout her life – daughter, wife, and mother. In addition to playing these crucial duties, she has to establish herself as a good citizen of the country. Therefore, like boys, it is of utmost importance to give different types of education to girls too. Their education should be in such a way that they can be able to fulfil their duties properly and can contribute to the development of the country just like men. Proper awareness programs are essential for spreading awareness about the importance and progress of the level of education of girls across the country, especially in rural areas. A knowledgeable woman can educate her entire family and the whole country.

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