Importance of Education.

Education is highly important in a child’s life and lays the foundation of his/her adulthood success further in life. It acts as a tool that decides whether the individual will be successful or happy as an adult or turns out as a depressed and emotionally unstable individual. As per statistics, nearly 70 Million children across the world remain hindered from the opportunity to visit the school? Nearly 32 Million children residing in African countries alone lack this opportunity.

India has implemented the Right to Education Act 2009, to make Education mandatory for children between the age of 6 to 14 years and thus leading India to grow as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. For all the nations to reach the United Nations ‘Goals of Sustainable Development By 2030’, they must implement and spend more money and organize varied programs on child education.

‘The Importance of Education for Children’ is a promise and bold decision made by many countries around the world to provide Education for children belonging to the age group of 5 years to 16 years of age irrespective of any social bifurcations.

Education builds the spirit of teamwork, hard work, creativity and creates a sense of discipline in children, which helps in their overall growth as well as the growth and development of the nation in the upcoming time. The education gained during childhood teaches and melds a child in their communication and helps them to work as a team and as a result, they become a better version of themselves.

An educated and healthy child understands the benefit of teamwork and reflects the learning throughout their life. They learn the importance and the perks of disciplined life and the pathway to success and aspire for better things.

Education plays a vital role in shaping and developing the child’s strength both emotionally and mentally, preparing him/her to face any worst situation that blocks their path to success.

Education under the guidance of parents and teachers will help children become more tough and secure in life, will increase their endurance and willpower to achieve more in life, and provide them with enough strength to fight back with intelligence when tackling the challenges.

Children are the bearers of the nation’s economy, and a country cannot achieve economic growth when its children remain hindered from the right to education. A nation needs educated children to create professionals, scientists, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow to contribute to the nation’s growth and economy. India will achieve its set economic growth when every child in the country has access to school and primary education.

Education is a continuous process of learning that inherits and grows the seed of confidence among the children. A child’s exposure to the school environment develops many abilities and confidence to tackle any difficulty of life. They explore new things, analyze in their own perspective and shape new things with all their zeal.

They also get exposure to varied extra-curricular activities such as drawing, art class, singing, dancing, etc. These activities establish confidence in children and aid them to become ready for the future race.

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