Children’s Right

Children’s rights are particularly a section of human rights that emphases attention on the right of special protection and care purveyed to minors. United Nation adopted the 1989 Convection on the Rights of the Child is the right that offers the welfare of every child, safeguarding them from abuse and exploitation. Children’s right summons right to basic need for physical protection, unpaid education, healthcare, development- thus have the right to live and to develop suitably physically and intellectually, equal protection of the child’s civil right and freedom from any sort of discrimination as such gender, religion, disability or national origin. The most important factor for acknowledging children right is realizing right to identity.

There exist innumerable government schemes and development programs to upgrade these children from inequalities and provide a secure future but due to lack of awareness and backwardness they lack all such opportunities provided to them. Each and every voice is important and must be heard and respected in all matters concerning his or her rights.

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