About Us

STEP UP and make the REVOLUTION happen.

Ashamaa Foundation, a non-profit organization established in the year 2021 working to provide free education and primary health services and all the necessities which are needed for the overall growth of the children.

We are a team of (no of people) constantly helping the needy children to outshine themselves in this world and get all the benefits that a normal child gets. We majorly focus on the financially backward children, who don’t have enough money to get the education and other necessities. Be it healthcare, nutrition, education, protection, and response in the time of emergencies.

Ashamaa Foundation has been always active and enthusiastic in reshaping the lives of millions of children who are not financially stable, since its establishment in Bengaluru India, in 2021.

As a wise man said everyone deserves the chance to explore new things, in the same way, every child deserves a chance of shaping his career. And this is what makes us more enthusiastic and active to help the children and ensuring that they live a peaceful life and thrive to get the best of everything.

More than 260 million children around the world lack access to basic needs and services—from education and health care to protect them and free them from child labor. We’re here to change that. Our aim is a world that provides necessities that help in the overall development of the child irrespective of its class, gender, religion, or any social criteria.

From poverty to health care, to education and their protection, what we focus on is the opportunity to improve the quality of life for millions of children who are deprived of these benefits due to any crisis.