Anu Kulkarni

Anu kulkarni is a Women Entrepreneur and founder of Fit 2 Fab Pty Ltd who is an inspirational icon to many.  Her story is compelling and uplifting. This uprising lady has excelled every field she stepped into whether it be her career, passion or her life. Amongst her many passions, education for under privileged is at the core of her heart. She believes that education is a basic and fundamental right of every child and in today’s day and age every child should be provided the opportunity to be educated.. Stereotype cultures have been nurtured by non-inclusive working system and practices all around us. Whenever women have shared their experiences throughout their journey, they have narrated the distinct forms of patriarchal controls that they had to endure; we henceforth aim to open an unbiased platform for every child. She strongly believes herself to be the women who has been chartered by a divine force to be a torch bearer for betterment of children through education. Works for them by implementing strategies resulting in change that we all want to see. Hence it is well said “Be the change, you want to see in others”.Anu has reached a stage in life where giving back to society takes priority than satisfying one’s own wants, needs and desires.

It takes a really substantial effort to put someone else’s needs before own. She has always inspired us through her random acts of kindness. She is someone who works to support a cause and has been a silent sponsor for several years educating girls from primary and secondary schools in India. Her aim in life is to see all under privileged kids enjoying their childhood and getting basic education. Early education lays emphases on learning skills. It provides the groundwork on shaping the minds of the youth that will be the faces of our nation. She believes that every educated child results in an entire generation being educated. This thought creates a pathway that encourages girls to aim high, make informed choices and make a future for themselves. One person’s viewpoint, can start a movement but a collective effort to raise awareness will help in changing the status of girls in India. This is what Asha Foundation aspires to achieve. Be the mpvement that brings in the change. Anu Kulkarni originates from India but currently resides in Sydney, Australia. She is very proud to be associated with Asha Foundation and we are extremely fortunate to have her onboard. Past 12 months has been synonymous with global pandemic and its outcome, in such times it good to be reminded that people like Anu still inspire us to look on the brighter side. It all started with one family choosing to sponsor one child and we grew in solidarity touching many lives.