General FAQs

1. What is Asha Maa’s mission & Vision?

Our mission is to provide quality learning with a safe and friendly environment along with well-trained trainers and most importantly in the language in which students are comfortable.

We have collaborated with several education centres to impart a quality-driven education. Apart from education, providing primary health services is also essential so that the child remains protected from illness and makes them live a healthy life which results in the growth of them in all aspects.

Our vision is to make every citizen aware of the importance of child health and education and provide help to children who couldn’t afford the price of getting educated. To make people aware of taking responsibility for the situation of every deprived Indian child and so motivate them to seek education, be healthy and give them a positive environment through individual and collective action and at the end making the children realize their real potential.

2. What is the source of funding for the organization?

Around 50-60% funding support of the organization comes from corporates; the rest comes from PSUs, individual donors and private institutions.

3. How can I donate to Asha Maa Foundation?

You can go to Donate Now section of Asha Maa Foundation’s website and donate online. For other donations related queries please write to [email protected]

4. Is the website safe to make online payments?

Yes, the website is safe for any kind of transaction. Also any information exchange is kept safe and in no condition gets disclosed. Also the payment gateway is a third party payment gateway recognized by the financial institutions under the government of India. So any transaction also is thoroughly secured.

5. Can one donate in kind ( old cloths, Books, Stationary etc. ) ?

Usually in-kind donation is accepted only when there is a need in any of the projects at a given point of time.