Founder’s Message

Over the past few decades, the most disturbing reality is that the income gap has widened between Indian families. Educational outcomes are one of the most vital areas which are influenced by family economical status. Children from underprivileged families either start school already behind their peers who come from more affluent families or they are dropped out of school due to some of the other reasons. The incidence, depth, duration, and timing of poverty all influence a child’s educational attainment, along with community characteristics and social networks. All of us must have seen some child who has got immense talent, gained education up to a few standards but eventually, but has to drop out of the school due to financial issues and start to work to support their families.

One fine day when I was in my hometown after many years, I was wandering the lanes which took me to my school from home, I saw a child working in a tea stall near the school. I went up to him, and threw up some questions to him regarding why he’s working here and not going to school and I was surprised with his answers. He told that he went to school till class 3rd, stood 1st in every examination, and was a nice athlete, in a nutshell, he was an all-rounder bright student of the school, but one day his father lost his job and poverty walloped them, the family could barely have a meal once throughout the day and this forced him to quit the school and work at the tea stall so that he can support his family financially.

I came home and was constantly thinking about this and shared the whole story with my mother as well, and she told something more surprising that a friend of hers also had to drop out of school due to the same situation as that of the child which I met a few hours ago. Then, all this led to the establishment of the Asha Maa Foundation, named after my beloved mother, aiming at helping all the children who can’t go to school due to financial conditions. In my opinion, each child irrespective of all the social criteria should get a primary education and secure a bright future for them.

Our mission is to Raise Funds & Save Lives.

Mihir Choudhary
Asha Maa Foundation

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